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Regulations for VCCs

What is the Extended VCCGS about?

  • With effect from 16 January 2023, the VCCGS (VCC Grant Scheme) has been extended by another 2 years to 15 Jan 2025 and renamed as Extended VCCGS.

    Key changes are as follows: 

    • Cap has been reduced to $30,000 per VCC (from $150,000 previously) 
    • Grant percentage has also been reduced to 30% (from 70% previously)
    • Grant is limited to 1 VCC registration (previously up to 3)

    Co-funding is not allowed solely for the registration of a sub-fund, but sub-fund registration costs will be allowed co-funding as part of a new VCC registration. 

    Applications should be submitted within 3 months from the date of the Notice of Incorporation issued by ACRA or ACRA’s approval of de-registration (for foreign companies that re-domicile to Singapore as VCC).