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Staffing Regulations for all fund management companies and fund managers (LFMC, RFMC, VCFM)

What kind of relevant work experience do Directors, Relevant Professionals and CEO of a FMC need?

  • According to MAS (FAQs)

     last revised 12 October 2021

    Directors and Relevant Professionals’ past work experience should be assessed in the context of the role that the individual will perform in the FMC. Directors and the CEO should also have managerial experience or experience in a supervisory capacity as part of their relevant experience.

    Executive Directors and Relevant Professionals should have relevant experience in the financial services industry. In the case of FMCs who manage or advise private equity and venture capital [“PEVC”] funds, relevant experience may include experience in industries which are similar in nature to those of the investee companies being held (or to be held) by the PEVC fund being managed or advised by the FMC.

    Non-Executive Directors are generally expected to be able to contribute to enhancing the quality of decision-making and oversight of the Board of Directors of the FMC. The FMC should be able to demonstrate that a proposed Non-Executive Director can add value and make a meaningful contribution to the FMC, based on his past work experience, qualifications and track record.